5 Key Tips to a Successful Career in Data Science


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  1. I have been studying data science for a few years now and until I joined a Facebook community and a few blogs about it, I wasn’t all that knowledgeable. You don’t get the kind of real-life experience that a blog or community can give you from an online class.

  2. I take every chance I get in order to advance my knowledge of data science. It has been my passion since I was in high school and now I’m studying it at university. You cannot become better if you don’t push yourself so I highly recommend taking those hard classes while your brain is young.

  3. Do they have actual classes like through college or through an institution for data science? I’m interested in trying it out but I don’t know if I can commit unless it’s a set thing that will help me with the degree I’m working on now.

    1. Oh yes, there a many ‘taster’ courses online that can help ease you into the whole concept of data science. Edx is one of your best bets to start with

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