Data Literacy: Staying relevant in the workforce of the future

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  1. I feel like data literacy just keeps getting more and more complicated as all this new and advanced tech keep coming on the market. It’s exhausting to keep up with but that’s the price you pay when you get into the technology industry.

    1. Ah I see what you mean; the good news is that data literacy isn’t a complex concept in itself and acquiring the requisite knowledge to be truly data literate is also easier than ever now. I see how it could be prohibitive and overwhelming to the uninitiated but getting the right educational resources from the get-go will help your experience. There are so many fantastic resources online to keep you in the right direction. I would strongly encourage you to start with this resource to gain a good understanding of data literacy and basic concepts associated with data.

  2. My biggest struggle, and a lot of other people’s, it knowing when companies are using data that adequately represents what they are trying to explain or sell to you. Often, companies manipulate their graphs or data points in order to make themselves look more desirable than they are.

  3. Ever since I took statistics in college I have such a different perspective on how and why companies manipulate the minds of the world in order to make themselves look better. Yes, it is wrong of them to do that with statistics, however, by simply educating ourselves we can know what to look for.

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